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The Islamic Studies core course offered by IIPG aims to bridge the gap between the youngsters’ understanding of human society and the classical understanding of Islam so students can recognize that Islam is not a system that cuts one off from the mainstream society but is rather a holistic religion that has guidance for the believer in every sphere of life. The course also includes contemporary issues that the youth of today face. Following is a generalized outline of the modules offered in the course:

  • Understanding Iman, Islam and Ihsan- their corroboration and depth
  • Islam and Gender roles
  • Islamic Scholarly Tradition
  • Hadith Scholarship & Authenticity
  • Islamic Manners related to daily affairs
  • Taqdeer and Freewill of Man
  • Prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad ?
  • Spirituality of Salah
  • Understanding Riba in modern context

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