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Friday, November 10, 2023

Weekend Qur'an Class*

Every Saturday, starting Nov 11

12.30-1.30 pm

Instructor: Ustaza Saima 

Balancing both Deen and Duniya, Sr. Saima holds an MBA and Darasaat degree with gold medal in both and top honors in multiple subjects, along with 8 years of dedicated and professional experience in various managerial roles within the corporate sector. 


She is dedicated to bringing into action the learnings from the esteemed scholars alongside conveying it to her students with insight and wisdom.



Covers Quran, Hadith, Tajweed & more

Every Friday, starting Nov 10

3-5.30 pm 

Various Instructors who are qualified alimahs & have strong worldly skills. 


*By registration only

* Free entry

* For UMT Women Only

*To register, WhatsApp on +92 334 4604180

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