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Sunnah Itikaf, Ramadan 2018

Tuesday, June 05, 2018
Around 200 members of UMT family (students and teachers inclusive) sat for 10 day Sunnah itikaf in the last ashrah of Ramadan 2018 in the UMT masjid, arranged by the Institute of Islamic Perspectives and Guidance. The mutafikeen were engaged and motivated during the 10 day period through daily talks and dars on Hayatus Sahabbah, Asmaa ul Husna and other vital topics relevant to our spirituality by various faculty members of IIPG that have the required religious knowledge and also have strong professional careers including Arsalan Ahmed, Moeen Mehmood and Mufti Muhammad Akhlaq. Overall it was a great experience and all attendees alike felt immense spiritual boost and closeness to our Creator by the end which was the sole motive behind renewing this sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w in the UMT masjid.
Many people from the UMT family and outside joined for nafli itekaf for few nights or just the odd nights to not completely miss out on the barakah of the last nights of Ramadan with their busy work routines.

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