Why am I here

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Sitting under a tree on a bench on a road side, I see people passing by. Everyone seems to be in a hurry. They all seem to have something on their mind and short of time to achieve it. The blue sky, the white clouds, the shining sun, the green grass, the chirping birds are unable to grasp their attention for even a single pause. As if they dont even exist around them. And I sit there and wonder why am I here? Do I exist to study, study and study all that I am taught till my mid 20s, then to work, work and work till my 60s and then worry, worry and worry for whatever I have made by then and then... just die? I sit there pondering do any of these people rushing to and fro for a moment pause and think about their connection with the Divine? The One who created them, the One who never forgets them, the One who is waiting every moment for each one to Call upon Him... the One they could return to any moment?

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