Using the Holidays Constructively

Tuesday, August 16, 2022
So we have long vacations till the next term...yes, we all definitely need to relax and unwind and catch up on the family time we had been missing out on, but free time has more significance than we realize. Allah ta'ala says in the Qur'an, "So when you get free, then stand and yearn for your Lord." (Surah Nashrah, verse 8) Free time is a golden opportunity to connect with Allah, and work on our spirituality and Deen. Scholars say the time we are busy in halal dunya (like studies, work, chores) will not be questioned by Allah, however the time we are free from our worldly duties will be what we will be asked about if we spent that in zikr and ibadat of Allah or in following our own wishes and desires and ghaflah. 
Below are some steps we can take to maximize our holidays and make them valuable in our book of deeds:
1. Make sincere dua that Allah puts barakah in these holidays and makes them a way of becoming closer to Him.
2. Have a daily target of tilawat of Quran, like a para a day. Learn Tajweed (art of recitation of Quran) if you don't already know so that mistakes during tilawat can be avoided.
3. Have a daily schedule of offering nafl namaz in addition to the 5, fard daily salah. Try to offer Ishraq, Chasht, Awwabeen, Salat ul Shukr, Salat ul Tauba, Tahajjud etc at least 1 nafl namaz every day. 
4. Wake up just 30 minutes before start of Fajr time and make dua. This time of Tahajjud is a jackpot time, every dua is answered, only those beloved to Allah get the opportunity to wake up at this time and seek Him. Tears of a believer when remembering Allah in private cleans his heart and are valuable in the scale of deeds. 
5. Try to become more humble and khidmatguzaar to your parents and siblings, run errands for them happily. Be grateful for every opportunity to serve your parents and family and do shukr to Allah.
6. Work on your anger and tone of voice. You cant become pleasing to Allah till you change your akhlaq. Our real akhlaq reflects in how we are to our family, we all smile the best smile in front of friends and co workers!
7. Learn masnoon duas of everyday mundane acts, dua before eating, after eating, seeing the mirror, wearing clothes, going to washroom, leaving the house etc. Masnoon duas are gifts from Allah to connect with Him. Learn one dua per day if possible. Read Shamail e Tirmizi to know the Sunnah & Seerah of our RasulUllah s.a.w. 

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