The Strongest Wireless Connection

Friday, October 15, 2021
Is PTCL internet better or the Telenor Usb? Or the Qubee? My personal experience is that the most strongest wireless connection of the world is none of these. It is the connection that is so strong it never disconnects once established, I never fail to connect at any moment of the year irrespective of the weather or physical placement, I am able to browse whatever I wish without any hassle and in terms of charges it is completely inexpensive and yet extremely expensive - it is Dua!
A believer's dua is never rejected unless he is impatient or doesn't have trust that Allah can fulfill his dua or if his income or food has haram portion. Dua is the biggest weapon of a believer, wherever he is, in whatever state he is, for whatever need... He is there to answer back! And Allah Answers back in the best of the ways, either giving you exactly what you asked for or by His Perfect Knowledge knowing that more importantly you need some impending hardship to be turned away, He might do that instead. Lastly there could be some dua He doesn't accept because He loves you so much and wants to give you so much by that dua which is not even possible in this limited dunya so He rather chooses to give its return in Akhirah.
So yes dua is my daily pill. My lifeline. Without it I would be miserable and sad and helpless. It is what empowers me everyday, makes me fearless and worryless. I do ask others to make dua for me, but I have strong conviction in my own dua. Why wouldn't He accept? Do I not need Him the most? Am I not the most ordinary slave of His and thus attracting His mercy much more? 
Dua is a connection I cant live without. The strongest wireless connection...

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