Starting a New Semester

Monday, November 14, 2022

Starting a New Semester

The semester is about to start making us all excited and also apprehensive! A good start is always a great booster. Here are some tips on how to begin the new term on a positive note:
1. Make firm and clear intention. "Actions depend on intentions" is a famous hadith of RasulUllah saw. So be clear on why are you going to the university through that ordeal again? Why are you studying? Maybe to make your parents happy and in turn making Allah happy? Or to study well to be a good representative of your Deen and Iman? Or to study hard to earn halal rizq which is a big ibadah?
2. Offer 2 rakah Salat ul Hajat and make dua for ease and barkat in studies this semester. And also, make dua to Allah to protect you from any and all sins during this semester!
3. Make a self-study schedule in advance so that you do not waste time during the semester. 
(Don't forget to add the 5 daily namaz and some tilawat of Quran in the daily timetable.) 
4. Think about who would you be befriending this year. Choose your friends carefully. Choose friends who will be a support in study and decent to hang out with. 
Caution:Avoid any friend from the opposite sex for your own peace of mind and safety of imaan :)
5. Know your instructors right from the beginning. Go to them in their office hours for guidance in the course, ask them any and all queries you have about the course throughout the term and benefit from their knowledge as much as possible.
Hope these tips help you all as much as they helped me in my study life! 
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