Love is in the Air!

Thursday, January 10, 2019
And so 14th Feb is round the corner again...the Valentine's Day! Love suddenly starts becoming the hot topic and gift shops start to get covered in 'red'. But, O young man, did you wait to think if what you are doing is actually 'love'? 
How can it be love if it is taking you away from Allah? How can it be love if what you are doing is taking away the taufeeq of sajdah from you? How can it be love if it is making your thoughts impure? How can it be love if it is making you do sins? Even more than that, how can it be love if you are causing the one you love to sin? Isn't love so beautiful that you want to see your beloved becoming better in every way instead of causing them to become distant from their Creator?'
The heart that has love for an other cant have love for Allah. Love for Allah and love for the other are opposites, while one remains the other can't stay! And real love takes years to develop. Love at first sight is just an illusion and a delusion! Real love is strongly attached to lifelong commitment. Real love is connected to taking responsibilities, not just having fun and enjoyment. 
O young man, and O young woman, do not waste your health, peace and imaan over the other. O young man and O young woman, do not give into the attractions whispered into your heart by Shaytan, your worst enemy. O young man and O young woman, try to lower your gaze and purify your thoughts and feelings for Allah Knows perfectly what your eyes see and what your mind thinks and what your heart feels! O young man and O young woman, turn to Allah, your Creator to save you from these attractions, beg to your Creator to give you a life of Haya. 
Allah Gives example of the haya of Yusuf a.s. in Quran the haya of Maryam a.s in Quran...may your be granted that exemplary haya. May He Grant you the haya of Sahabbah r.a and Sahabbiyaat r.a! O young people, turn to your Lord!

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