Finding the Rope to Hold

Saturday, September 17, 2022
Life is like a roller coaster and furthermore a completely unpredictable one from where we see it. University life is a transition for most of us from our being totally dependent on parents to slowly start standing on our feet and learning to take responsibility for our actions, decisions and choices. And yes that is very daunting! That is why it is no surprise that many of us start feeling the anxiety and stress we had heard our parents talk about before.
But the solution is simple- it was given to us clearly and with complete confidence several hundred years ago through our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w that "The one who trusts Allah, He becomes sufficient for Him!" So easy. The way our childhood seemed SO easy because all we needed to do was convey to our parents what we want and we would sooner or later get that, that's ALL that me and you need to do when we grow up too. Just convey it to Allah and we would get it at the perfect moment in the perfect way that is the best for us. 

Our Deen is experiential, not informational. Try it, if you feel the difference it is claiming to give you, stick to it. Those who do it, feel the difference so live their life that way and suggest it to others too. So if Ibrahim a.s can hold the rope of Allah and fire goes cold, why can't that happen for me and you in our small wells of troubles? Why not? It's the same Allah. It's the same teaching He gave for Ibrahim and me: to rely on Him. It's the same incapacity to do anything ourselves in us that was in Ibrahim a.s. It's only a matter of truly holding that rope from heart.

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